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Send a powerful message to the universe that you're ready to receive what you desire in life. Our 21 Day Manifesting Challenge can help you to release whatever is holding you back from creating your dream life. We'll show you step-by-step the teachings and tools we use every day in our lives and business that can help you to become a magnet for manifesting anything you desire and create lasting change in your life!

What You'll Recieve

  • Over 60 daily practices, manifesting tips and tools you can use in your life every day

  • Structure and guidance to help you manifest your dreams and goals

  • Access to a high-vibe community to support you with your personal growth

  • Templates and resources to help you reach your career and life goals


What people are saying...

“Honestly, I’ve tried a lot of personal growth and manifesting courses and this is by far the best thing I’ve ever tried. It’s so easy, and it’s so spot on! I was blown away by how accurate it is and how specific it is. It’s so easy to do, you don’t get overwhelmed. You’ve done the most incredible job and it’s so helpful. I can’t wait to use this forever.”


Cristina, Copenhagen

“Thank you for the beautiful welcome Cassie and Christie and for providing this opportunity and course that is already, for me personally, shifting my awareness. I am finding myself being more present in many moments throughout my day, and by being ‘present’ I feel connected with my intentions and peace of self in that very moment. Very exciting times. Thank you for providing this course and for your shares and ongoing support.”


Belinda, Australia

“I am absolutely loving the challenge. One of the best things I've done in a long time! I've recommended this to so many of my friends and nutrition clients who I think would benefit from it”


Lane, Australia

“Wowee, mind blown! Day 4 meditation was so powerful! Loving it! If it wasn’t for the challenge I probably wouldn’t have even considered the option of relocating from Brisbane. But this challenge has already changed me in so many ways”


Sienna, Brisbane

“One of my goals achieved. Manifesting a camper/caravan.. It is exactly what I went and bought today. Haha wow!”


Carlia, Australia

“I spent today realigning and refocusing my team at work following uncovering my values today. It gave me clarity and an action plan. Loved it.”


Matt, Sydney

“Wow wow wow. The meditation today was so incredibly amazing . I haven’t felt that in tune with my body in a long time!”


Casey, Sydney

““Didn’t realise how much ‘stuff’ I was holding onto and what was more interesting was that I realised that I was paralysed with anxiety but not doing anything about the stressors. LOVED the plan of action section to kick start some changes needing to be made.”

Chanel, Los Angeles


  • When does the challenge start?

    The challenge starts for you as soon as you register, so what are you waiting for?! We recommend joining with a friend to do the challenge together, however, we have a Facebook community you can check in with also.

  • What are some of the benefits?

    You will feel more inspired, happy and excited for the day ahead. You’ll get clear on what you would love to do more of in your life, and things will begin to flow. You’ll also form a daily habit for meditation, connect with a like-minded community who can support you, be more in tune with opportunities that are aligned with your true purpose. And so much more!

  • How much time do I need to commit?

    You’ll need to set aside 20 to 30 mins in your calendar each day, but don't worry if you have a really busy schedule, you can always come back and do activities when you feel you are ready to do them.

  • What should I expect when I sign up?

    Once your challenge starts each day you will get an email letting you know that your new daily lesson is available. Each email will include an intro to the lesson, a short video or audio to listen to, a daily meditation and affirmation. Most days you will get a practical activity to complete which will help you to really ignite your manifesting power!

  • What kind of content is in the challenge?

    We have spent years researching, trialling and testing all the best manifesting tools and techniques from various thought leaders and teachers, to present you with a series of the very best tools and practices that have worked for us personally.

  • How is this different from other manifesting challenges?

    This challenge goes a lot deeper than the surface level, combining many science based techniques, ancient knowledge and spiritual practices. Many people are surprised at the depth and value of the content included!